Makeup Stone Makeup Your Step Routine for Bright Eyes a Makeup Artist Explains

Your Step Routine for Bright Eyes a Makeup Artist Explains

Your Step Routine for Bright Eyes a Makeup Artist Explains post thumbnail image

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, and they do not lie — when we are tired, you initial see it in the eyes. December sugar and alcohol consumption and night celebrations can have negative effects on your skin. We spoke to natural makeup artist Katey Denno, who has been working with natural brands for 10 years and knows exactly which products, when and how to action fatigue by making our eyes brighter. Here are her tips and her natural beauty products that she recommends to everyone:

1. Curl Your Eyelashes.

Denno recommends the surratt eyelash curler-it adapts to more eye shapes than other curlers. To curl the eyelashes well, get as close as possible to the root. Here’s the trick to get it right every time: whichever eye you look at, tilt the curler up to the nose so that the outer edge of the curler is tilted upwards — this will give you that “glamorous” look. Denno’s favorite natural mascara of the moment is Honest beauty mascara and eyelash base. Here is the proof of beauty. One end is an eyelash conditioner, which has a creamy consistency and is not too fibrous. Burt’s Bee Nourishing Mascara is a more affordable natur

al pharmacy option that Denno swears by.

2. Choose shades that complement your eye color.

Choose a shade that matches your eye color. In recent years, natural makeup companies have really stepped up the use of their pigmented options. “You want to crush the color in the lash line,” Denno said. You can use them as a shadow all over your eyelid for a softer look or as an eyeliner if you need more definition.

sapphire eyes: use a rich heat brown with copper tones. Burt’s Bees makes a beautiful brown Palette with two options that offer a minimal copper sheen.
Brown eyes: use a deep, mature shade. Ilia’s eyeliner from my generation is ideal for a more subtle look. If you want to rock the eyeshadow, try your silk pencil in the Take on Me shade.
Straight green: opt for a real purple like the enchanted moonlight from RMS Beauty. If you want to try using it as an eyeliner, use a small angular brush and immerse it in water so that the tip is slightly moistened. Moisten it with the barrel, otherwise the dried powder may get into the brush. Then apply it as close to the lash line as possible and repeat if necessary.

3. Use an eye cream in the morning and evening.

Here’s the problem with natural eye creams: many of them are emollients (a fancy word for oil-based), you sometimes involuntarily remove your eye makeup in the morning. No one wants to look like a raccoon at noon! Denno recommends Biossance Squalan + peptide Eye Gel, a light Gel that does not affect the eye product due to its experience working with customers. If you want to use an oil-based eye cream, she says, do it at night.

Many people apply eye cream incorrectly, Denno added. The skin under our eyes is a wandering skin, which means that any product around the eye moves there throughout the day. That is why she recommends applying an eye cream only on the bones of the eye bones (at least during the day). You don’t need to go under the lash line unless your skin is very dry. One pump is enough for both eyes. Dab the eye cream with your ring finger on the outer edge of the orbital BONE under the eyes, then bring it under the edge of the forehead.

With these tips, you will shine during the winter months with bright and well-rested eyes.

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