Makeup Stone Beauty Care This Energy Face Lift Is the Ultimate Pre Party Beauty Trick

This Energy Face Lift Is the Ultimate Pre Party Beauty Trick

This Energy Face Lift Is the Ultimate Pre Party Beauty Trick post thumbnail image

Your face and your stem are essentially mirrors of everything that happens in your body and mind, so the treatment of blockages and energy meridians of the working year for your fruitful Complexion in the cans: think radiant, juicy, radiant!

An acupressure face (also called acupressure) treats your emotional and physical connections. Total acupuncture dates back hundreds of years to the ancient Chinese kings who used it to see youth. Freedom of acupressure and corresponds to the energy, or Qi, that your body conducts through specific channels called meridians. Because veins carry blood and nutrients to all parts of your body, meridians provide vital energy in your organ, muscles and other organs, including your skin.

The energy can get stuck in certain areas or fly too much, and since acupuncturists can sharpen certain points to restore the flow and the same in the body, you can also do it with your fingers! The elder of the same-sized meridian points brings more energy to your face, which can increase collagen production, link muscle tone and blood circulation, and promote overall energy, health and well-being.

Lifting Power Transfer

This transfer will revive a good cheerful top. Convenient tapping “shapes” the cheeks, tightens the muscle tissue and expands the high shine. It is also a quick and easy way to tighten your behavior, animate and influence the aging process.

Try freezing your Toner in an ice cube tray, then give it no results for an instant lift and pass it over your face and neck to increase circulation after this transfer. It helps to narrow enlarged pores, but be sure to run it under water for a few seconds before applying it to your face. Finish your DIY treatment, then heat your moisturizer in your hands to activate the mixtures, then make firm movements from the center of the face to the hairline until it is completely absorbed. If you do all this, you will get a perfect tip for each connection!


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