Makeup Stone Skin Care This Ancient Golden Salve Is a Cure All for Skin

This Ancient Golden Salve Is a Cure All for Skin

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Burns are the worst; they hurt like hell, they take a long time to heal and they often leave unwanted scars that persist long after the initial injury. And although we don’t think about burns as often as we do about brain fog or bloating, it is always advisable to have a natural remedy on hand the next time we have an argument with the stove or the toaster.

Fortunately, this new report — published in the journal BioDiscovers – has shown that the use of a curcumin gel for burns and burns reduces the severity of the injury, improves pain and inflammation and helps in health issue healing and scar prevention. And conveniently, most of us already have turmeric in our kitchen.

Can curcumin really cure burns?

Curcumin is the main mixture in turmeric, a spice used in many eastern countries for cooking and beauty products, as well as for its powerful healing properties. The author of this report is a doctor who has used curcumin as a complementary treatment for burns, which means that it is used in addition to the usual standard treatments. The report showed three specific patient questions, and the results were quite awesome. In some patients, Curcumin Gel was used every hour, and many patients had rapid healing, pain relief, and minimal or no healing.

How exactly does it work?

It’s quite complicated, but about five minutes after your burn, your body activates phosphorylase kinase (Phk), an enzyme that reacts to tissue damage. This enzyme activates other inflammatory pathways and inflammatory genes, which then generate a cascade of complex events (fibroblastic proliferation and Transformation of myofibroblasts — in matter they are curious), ultimately leading to the formation of scar tissue. Curcumin is very effective in inhibiting Phk – even at very low concentrations – and essentially reduces the inflammatory response that affects scarring, pain and healing. Here’s a cool graphic that shows the whole process.

Recently, there has been a lot of debate about the ability of curcumin to be absorbed orally, but it seems that bringing it directly to the skin is another story. This study suggests that a Curcumin Gel applied immediately for mild or moderate burns can accelerate healing and relieve symptoms… Excuse us while we prepare our own turmeric balm ready to burn.

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