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The Top Face Oil for Your Skin Type + Diy

The Top Face Oil for Your Skin Type + Diy post thumbnail image

Nowadays, there are so many facial products on the market that it is difficult to know which ones are best suited for your skin type. This, combined with the maintenance of endless myths about skin care — for example, that you only need oil when the skin is dry – can make the process of Analyzing what your skin needs even murkier. Acne? Unbearable Dryness? Too Much oil? The good news is that using the right plant and vegetable oils can help you achieve the most vibrant skin ever.

The following oils have excellent protective and moisturizing properties, such as reducing transepidermal water loss, as they can be superimposed on the skin and seal precious moisture. In addition, these oils are a wonderful source of oil-soluble vitamins (a, D, e and K), fatty acids and phospholipids. Essentially, these oils are the best bets for maintaining a healthy complexion, hydration and elasticity of the skin.

But not all oils are created equal. Here is their complete guide that lists the best oils for each type of facial skin (also scientifically supported). In addition, some easy and affordable DIY facial oil recipes (with essential oil supplements) and our favorite brands are included—if you don’t feel like DIY.

Irritated and dry skin: apricot kernel oil.

Do you have flaky and itchy skin? The apricot kernel can only be your salvation. Although this pale and odorless golden oil is suitable for all skin types, it has an affinity for firm and dry skin. In addition, it has a very light texture that is easily absorbed. If you are still not interested in adding apricot kernel oil to your Routine, know that it contains a large total of B-Sisterol, known to suppress inflammation and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

DIY – How to make:

For a daily nourishing oil, take a 1 oz. Add the glass dropper bottle, 4 drops of lavender, 3 drops of helichrysum and 3 drops of geranium. Fill with apricot kernel oil and mix.

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